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Hello, LiveJournal friends!

So, I built something for you... assuming you use Firefox and have a basic LiveJournal account.

LiveJournal Polls!

(This functionality already exists in LiveJournal, but it is only available on non-basic accounts.)

Here's how it works.

  1. You'll need the GreaseMonkey add-on for Firefox, which you should probably have installed anyway.

  2. Download/install the script here. (Or, you can read about it here.)

  3. Once you install it, there'll be a new button in the HTML view when you post on LiveJournal called "Add Poll." Click on it.

  4. You can now add any number of questions and any number of options for each question. Plus, you can make your options appear as either check-boxes or radio buttons.

  5. When you're done, click on "Submit."

  6. A bunch of HTML will get pasted into your post. It contains the poll you just created and the results of it.


  • My new ability to create polls on LiveJournal makes me:

  • My new ability to create polls on LiveJournal makes me:

    • Happy
      results for this option

    • Sad
      results for this option

    • Disturbed
      results for this option

    • Gigantic
      results for this option

    • Aardvark
      results for this option

P.S., Thanks to bentomas for the idea and brainstorming, and to poppy_carpenter for the inspiration!
tarot, fool

Did you know that, in the final days of the Roman empire, nobody watched television?

This is your last chance! Time is running out! Act now! Don't delay! This is a limited time offer! Stop delaying! You really don't want to delay! Please! I'm begging you!

Oh, and by the way, the final part of my novel (#30) is now online: http://nano2009.omer.bar-or.org/read/2009/11/30

Or, you can start at the beginning: http://nano2009.omer.bar-or.org/read

Thanks to everyone who read it!

tarot, fool

Don't wanna open my eyes, I don't wanna wake up, cause I hate you jerk, and I wanna miss everything.

Dear madam or sir,

I found a 26th Novel Update in my box of cereal, which both surprised and disgusted me.

When I contacted your customer service at http://nano2009.omer.bar-or.org/read/2009/11/26, they were nothing but rude to me.

I demand retribution. I demand justice. I demand http://nano2009.omer.bar-or.org/read

NOTE: I will be unable to post anything on Nov. 30, as I am implicated in events transpiring on Nov. 23 that were entirely not my doing but prohibit me from using any posting device on Nov. 30, but I will be happy to post any responses re: retribution on Dec. 1 or thereafter.

Expecting swift justice,

tarot, fool

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have such bad complexion, and you wouldn't be a sociopathic murderer

I have a wonderful surprise for you! It would have been impossible to see this coming, unless you can see into the future (I'm looking at you, Lily!), so, SURPRISE!

Part 23 of my novel is now online: http://nano2009.omer.bar-or.org/read/2009/11/23

Or, you can start at the beginning: http://nano2009.omer.bar-or.org/read