Omer Bar-or (cremlae) wrote,
Omer Bar-or

Don't wanna open my eyes, I don't wanna wake up, cause I hate you jerk, and I wanna miss everything.

Dear madam or sir,

I found a 26th Novel Update in my box of cereal, which both surprised and disgusted me.

When I contacted your customer service at, they were nothing but rude to me.

I demand retribution. I demand justice. I demand

NOTE: I will be unable to post anything on Nov. 30, as I am implicated in events transpiring on Nov. 23 that were entirely not my doing but prohibit me from using any posting device on Nov. 30, but I will be happy to post any responses re: retribution on Dec. 1 or thereafter.

Expecting swift justice,

Tags: nanowrimo, useless

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